Natura Siberica Fresh Spa Kam-Chat-Ka Arctic Blooming Bust&Neck Cream 200ml

7,03 $

Arctic Blooming Decollete&Neck Cream
Organic edelweiss
Organic flax
Organic ginseng
Decollete &amp neck lifting cream restores skin elasticity and firmness and helps to keep high skin tone thanks to a unique combination of wild herbs ingredients. The treatment effectively fights wrinkles and helps to slow down ageing. Edelweiss Extract has a high concentration of tannin that is famous for exceptionally strong protective characteristics, saving skin from environmental impacts and early ageing. Organic flax Oil gently nourishes decollete &amp neck delicate skin, provides it with necessary microelements and vitamins. It softens, moisturizes and firms the skin. Organic ginseng Extract provides a prompt rejuvenating and strong lifting effect. It helps to improve skin tone, increases its ability to regenerate and minimize wrinkles. It brings back natural radiance and freshness to your skin.

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