Natura Siberica Natura Kamchatka Natural Toothpaste for white smile 100ml

3,17 $

Natural Kamchatsky Toothpaste For White Smile
On charcoal Kuril bamboo
Natural components of Kamchatka natural toothpaste to effectively clean the surface of the teeth without damaging the enamel. Natural Extracts and Oils that make up the paste, prevent inflammation and bleeding of the gums, keeping them healthy and fresh breath.
Black salt is an excellent natural antiseptic, prevents the spread of bacteria in the mouth.
White clay delicately bleaches and polishes to a high gloss enamel ..
Kamchatka birch effectively restores and tones the gums.
Birch charcoal gently cleans and whitens enamel.
Whitening Complex gently cleanses the enamel of teeth, improving the natural color of the enamel.
Vitamin P prevents cavities and helps prevent bleeding gums.
The plant enzyme papain prevents the formation of plaque and tartar, helping to keep teeth white.
The patented molecule Physcool, obtained from the leaves of peppermint, provides a long lasting feeling of freshness.

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