New Secrets of Callisia fragrans Foot Cream for heel spur 75ml
  • New Secrets of Callisia fragrans Foot Cream for heel spur 75ml

New Secrets of Callisia fragrans Foot Cream for heel spur 75ml

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The juice of the Callisia fragrans is not accidentally called "living water", because it contains large amounts of biologically active substances. These are two types of flavonoids (quercetin and kaempferol), phytosterols, and trace elements.
- Quercetin has P-vitamin and antitumor properties.
- Kempferol tones, strengthens capillaries, reduces inflammation and removes harmful substances from the body.

The heel spur is a bone outgrowth at the site of tendon attachment, which is characterized by painful sensations in the area of ​​the sole.
At the onset of the disease, pain occurs when walking. It is especially difficult to start walking when a sharp pain arises under load. Then, during the day, the pain while walking somewhat subsides, and by the end of the day it intensifies again. Over time, the pain becomes persistent. In working patients, this leads to reduced efficiency and loss of working days.
People with overweight, diseases of the spine and large joints of the lower extremities, flat-footed feet, as well as athletes with prolonged local overloads in this area have a predisposition to the development of the pinch spurs. At present, the treatment of the “spur” consists in providing unloading using various insoles and thrust bearings, physiotherapy complex treatment: mud applications, ultrasound therapy, mineral baths, local administration of corticosteroids, radiotherapy, and in the absence of effect, surgical treatment - removal of bone outgrowth through surgery and excision of altered tissue.
The composition of the cream drug on the base of Golden Usa, garlic extract and clove essential oil, as well as pepper extract, camphor, corn oil, tocopherol acetate. Recommended to improve the condition of the skin of the feet, preventing the formation of spurs, hardening, corns, cracks.

Apply the cream to the cleansed skin of the feet, rub until completely absorbed. Apply daily.
Individual intolerance is possible. For external use only.


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