Special tonic Active liver Chanterelle  30caps. x 0.5g
  • Special tonic Active liver Chanterelle  30caps. x 0.5g

Special tonic Active liver Chanterelle 30caps. x 0.5g

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Special Tonic Chanterelle with chanterelle is the extraordinary oil extracted from the Siberian cedar nut kernels and fruiting body of the chanterelle.
Special Tonic with chanterelle contains the active composition of the chanterelle and the cedar nut intended for recovering of the liver function and condition, prevention of the helminth infections, hepatosis, viral and toxic changes occurring in the liver, degenerative and neoplastic changes.
Ingredients: Siberian cedar nut kernel oil, chanterelle fruiting body.
Extraordinary oil extracted from the cedar nut kernels and the chanterelle is characterized by the active effect on the liver and pancreas changes, as well as the concomitant lymph efflux disorders:
- Liver hepatosis (such as liver cells transition and bacony liver);
- Liver and gall bladder helminthosis;
- Calculi in gallbladder;
- Liver viral and infectious processes (such as hepatitis);
- Tumoral changes;
- Liver degenerative processes (destruction);
- Intoxication with alcohol, medicinal drugs, or poisons;
- Obesity, overweight, metabolic disorders, and carbohydrate and lipid metabolism disorders;
- Inflammatory processes caused by unhealthy diet and consumption of fatty and spicy food products;
- Allergic processes;
- Vitamins, minerals, and biologically active substances absorption disorders;
- Acne;
- Lymphotoxicosis and lymph efflux disorder.
Fatty hepatosis (or liver steatosis) is a chronic liver disease that leads to conversion of the liver functional cells (hepatocytes) into the fatty tissue. The liver becomes a "useless piece of meat" that does not perform its functions of cleansing, fermentation, and scission of protein, fat, and carbohydrates.
After a while, if no preventive products are used, this leads to various problems with other body organs and systems. This gives rise to the following symptoms: nausea, dull and gnawing pain or the feeling of "heaviness" in the right hypochondrium and epigastrium (in the stomach), bloat, skin rashes, loss of hair and early gray hair, allergies, tiredness, and low vision.
Significant overweight is in the first place. If this is what you are concerned about, you've got a company: according to the World Health Organization, body overweight is the global non-infectious pandemic.
"Non-infectious" means that the doctors do not acknowledge the case as the illness or disease.
Alcohol is the second reason after the obesity that leads to the fatty hepatosis. A healthy liver converts alcohol into a relatively safe substance - acetate. But this is true only for a healthy liver and moderate liquor consumption, and if the drink contains pure alcohol. "Fashionable" modern drinks like whiskey, brandy, and various cocktails contain hazardous toxic substances.
Medicinal drugs are another cause leading to hepatosis.
Drug-induced hepatosis affects even the young and slim.
Unbalanced vegetarian diet may also lead to fatty hepatosis. The reason is the carbohydrate metabolism disorder, which is the response or reaction of the body to the lack of protein.
Unhealthy occupation or job, such as the construction worker, painter, chemist, and others, ensure non-stop and guaranteed intoxication of the body. Personal protective equipment only partially retains the toxic substances, and some of them penetrate through the skin.
That is why cough, lung diseases, skin rashes, and others are frequent phenomena for these occupations. And, surely, all these substances are forwarded to the liver, that is why 2 or 3 years is quite enough for the possibility to get the fatty hepatosis.
Typically, in case of continuous fat load imposed on the liver, the fatty hepatosis occurs by the age of 40, but more and more often, the doctors give this diagnosis to much younger people. This is caused by the cross-action of multiple factors: overweight, toxic, alcohol, and (or) medicinal drugs load.
If no action is taken, liver cirrhosis is developing, and this is an irreversible phase.
Weakened liver produces the poor-quality bile, and gall bladder stagnation occurs. This environment is favorable for parasites development, and these parasites digest the ball bladder walls, that is the cholecystitis.
Your body is defending; the organism encloses the parasites into a dense shell. That is how the calculi are formed in the gall bladder, cysts in the liver, intestinal tract, and other locations.
Lack of bile leads to the pancreas overloading and provokes pancreatitis. This results in a situation when the pancreas produces insufficient amount of enzymes, which in turn disrupts the food products digestion process, and particularly - proteins, the structural elements of parasites. All this creates the favorable environment for their proliferation in the intestinal tract, some of them inhabit the pancreas and destroy it.
At the end, the parasites inhabit the entire intestinal tract, they take away all vitamins from the food products; instead of them the parasite excrements get into the blood, they cause additional intoxication of the liver and entire body. You can feel this as bloating and gurgling in the stomach, tiredness, skin rashes, loss of hair, brittle nails, bigger veins, and others.
Chanterelle contains a special polysaccharide - hinomannose, which virtually kills the helminths and their larvae; it creates the environment where the parasites do not survive. Therefore, the organism is cleansing itself, and this leads to recovery of the intestinal tract normal biota, normalization of the metabolic processes, and elimination of overweight, allergies, skin disorders, rash, and others. In addition, the biologically active substances contained in the chanterelle produce the active effect on the liver enzymes, which deal with the fat processing and removal. If these enzymes are functioning properly, you will never experience overweight (surely, with healthy diet and with no abuse of dangerous synthetic and genetically modified products).
Cedar oil enhances the effect produced by chanterelle, and even more actively stimulates the removal of toxins and harmful "residents" from your body; it actively recovers the immune system, normalizes the metabolic processes, normalizes the heart and blood vessels functioning changed by hepatosis.
Chanterelle and cedar oil composition is not addictive, it is a simple and highly efficient natural product made using special technology, without heat treatment and aggressive processing. This is the native composition, i. e. all the molecules and cells of the raw vegetable material are unchanged in terms of the cellular structure and form, this means that the product is utmostly efficient and produces beneficial effect for the entire body in a mild and well-balanced way.
Use instructions: take orally 1 capsule 3 times a day, 30 minutes before meals. Course of administration - 30 days.
Four courses per year are recommended.
Contraindications: idiosyncrasy to the product components.
Shelf life: 2 years from the date of manufacture.
Storage conditions: keep in place with temperature not exceeding 25 °C.
TU 9141-024-67104832-14


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