Special tonic for men Chanterelle with sainfoin and lovage 100ml
  • Special tonic for men Chanterelle with sainfoin and lovage 100ml

Special tonic for men Chanterelle with sainfoin and lovage 100ml

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Extraordinary special oil extracted from the cedar nut kernel and the chanterelle fruiting bodyactivates and recovers the sexual activity, prevents impotence, recovers the ejaculate activity, normalizes the blood circulation, prevents the inflammatory, infectious, and tumoral processes in the prostate, recovers the genitals reproductive function, and normalizes the hormone balance.
Special Tonic Chanterelle with esparcet and lovage is the extraordinary oil extracted from the Siberian cedar nut kernels and the chanterelle fruiting body, supplemented with native natural concentrates, with beneficial effect in the following situations:
- Complete recovery of potency;
- Elimination of degenerative changes of the prostate;
- Elimination of inflammatory, infectious, fungal, and bacterial processes occurring in the male genitourinary system;
- Urination function normalization;
- Recovery of the ejaculate activity
and it is highly beneficial in the following situations:
- Male infertility;
- Tumoral changes;
- Low vitality, chronic fatigue, and depressed mood;
- Endocrine disorders, lack of androgenic hormones;
- Loss of muscle mass.
Ingredients: cedar nut kernel oil, chanterelle fruiting body, stinkhorn fruiting body, Hungarian sainfoin (esparcet) grass, lovage root, truffle, castoreum, goji fruit (berries), tomato seeds, Rhododendron Adamsiigrass, ginseng root, giant clover flowers, and anise seeds.
Stinkhorn, esparcet, lovage, and truffle native concentratestimulates the intensive recovery of the sexual activity and eliminates impotence of various origins.
Castoreum, tomato seeds, and goji fruit (berries) native concentrateprevents the prostate changes, eliminates the infections, inflammations, fungal and bacterial processes, including the veneral and tumoral changes; it normalizes the hormone balance and arterial blood pressure.
Rhododendron Adamsii, ginseng, clover, and anise native concentratereinforces the ejaculate activity and mobility, recovers the physical capacity to work and mental alertness, prevents the inflammatory and infectious processes occurring in the genitourinary organs, prevents the infertility, muscular weakness, and depressed mood.
Use instructions: take orally 1 teaspoon 3 times a day, 30 minutes before meals.Course of administration - 30 days.
Four courses per year are recommended.
Contraindications: idiosyncrasy to the product components.
Shelf life: 2 years from the date of manufacture.
Storage conditions: keep in place with temperature not exceeding 25 °C.
TU 9141-024-67104832-14


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