Splat Toothpaste ARCTICUM 100ml

Splat Toothpaste ARCTICUM 100ml

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An advanced, highly refreshing and effective whitening toothpaste. Contains a complex of natural active ingredients in combination with highly efficient hydroxyapatite which whitens and strengthens the enamel at the same time. 
This toothpaste ensures long-lasting fresh breath thanks to the zinc ions and Biosol component, while stevia and ratany extracts care for the health of gums.
Zinc gluconate has astringent properties and maintains breath freshness for a long time. Ratany root extract provides efficient protection against bacteria. A combination of papain plant enzyme and the highly efficient Biosol ingredient safely protects against plaque formation. A complex of calcium ions and phosphates, the main enamel components, strengthens teeth. Oraflur organic aminefluoride is a reliable protection against caries. Wild orange essential oil charges you with energy and creates a wonderful mood.
SLS, triclosan, chlorhexidine, saccharinate, peroxides - free. Contains fluorine (1000 ppm)

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