Splat Special Toothpaste SEA MINERALS 75ml

Splat Special Toothpaste SEA MINERALS 75ml

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This whitening toothpaste, a fresh sea gel enriched with minerals and algae, is specifically designed for high quality whitening, strengthening enamel and remineralization. Sea minerals in combination with hydroxyapatite, the building material of tooth hard tissues, restore and strengthen the enamel and prevent caries. The special ingredient Polydon® splits the soft plaque and prevents the formation of dental calculus. This toothpaste gently whitens teeth, making them smooth, shiny and clean. Natural extracts of algae (spirulina and seaweeds) gently care for the health of gums and have a wholesome effect on the oral cavity soft tissues..
SLS, triclosan, chlorhexidine, saccharinate, peroxides-free. Contains fluorine (500 ppm)

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