Natura Siberica Wild Firming Balm Tuvan Yak Milk 250ml

Natura Siberica Wild Firming Balm Tuvan Yak Milk 250ml

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Firming Balm Hair
Organic milk Tuvan yak Oil, wheat germ Oil, white mulberry
Strengthening hair conditioner is prepared on a thick, rich, rich in protein and sugar Tuvan yak milk. Organic milk yak twice fatter than cow's milk, so its healing properties are particularly useful for scalp and hair. Useful substances - proteins, casein and milk sugar - will strengthen the roots of the hair and soften their tips. Rich in vitamin E, which is also called vitamin of life, wheat germ Oil help to align the structure of hair, rejuvenate hair and scalp. Oil white mulberry, one of the oldest plants on earth, healthier skin and give hair shine and volume.
After several applications hair balm will come to life and become stronger.

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